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AP Study Guide Ch 20 (1)

AP Study Guide Ch 20 (1) - • Define the concept of...

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Chapter 20 Study Guide Unifying Concepts of Animal Structure and Function Explain how geckos are able to walk on walls and ceilings. The Hierarchy of Structural Organization in an Animal Explain how the structure of a bird is adapted for flight. Describe the levels of organization in an animal’s body. Define a tissue, and list the four animal tissue types. Describe the four main animal tissues, noting their structures and their functions. Explain how artificial tissues are created and used. Explain how the structure of organs represents cooperative interactions. Describe the general structures and functions of the eleven major organ systems in vertebrate animals. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of X-ray, CT, MRI, MRM, and PET imaging technologies. Explain how each system works. Exchanges with the External Environment Describe the systems that help exchange materials between an animal and its environment. Describe examples of adaptations to increase the surface-to-volume ratio.
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Unformatted text preview: • Define the concept of homeostasis. • Distinguish between negative and positive feedback. • Explain how thermoregulation is an example of homeostasis. Key Terms • adipose tissue • anatomy • basement membrane • blood • bone • cardiac muscle • cartilage • circulatory system • connective tissue • digestive system • endocrine system • epithelial tissue • epithelium • excretory system • fibrous connective tissue • homeostasis • immune system • integumentary system • interstitial fluid • loose connective tissue • mucous membrane • muscle tissue • muscular system • negative feedback • nervous system • nervous tissue • neuron • organ • organ system • organism • physiology • reproductive systems • respiratory system • skeletal muscle • skeletal system • smooth muscle • tissue...
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