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Chapter 22 Study Guide Gas Exchange Explain how geese can fly at altitudes as high as or higher than Mt. Everest. Explain how humans adjust to life at high altitudes. Mechanisms of Gas Exchange Describe the three main phases of gas exchange in a human. Describe the properties of respiratory surfaces. Describe four types of respiratory surfaces and the type of animals that use them. Explain how the amount of oxygen available in air compares to hat available n cold and warm fresh water and saltier water. Explain how the structure and functions of fish gills maximize oxygen exchange. Explain how breathing air is easier that using water for gas exchange. Describe the tracheal system of insects. Describe the structures and corresponding functions of a mammalian respiratory system. Explain why the lungs of a mammal are proportionally larger and more complex than the lungs of a frog. Describe the impact of smoking on human health.
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Unformatted text preview: • Compare the mechanisms and efficiencies of lung ventilation in humans and birds. • Explain how breathing is controlled in humans. Transport of Gases in the Body • Explain how blood transports gases between the lungs and tissues of the body. • Describe the functions of hemoglobin and explain how carbon dioxide is transported in the blood. • Explain how a human fetus obtains oxygen prior to and immediately after birth. Key Terms • alveoli • breathing • breathing control centers • bronchi • bronchioles • countercurrent exchange • diaphragm • emphysema • gas exchange • gills • hemoglobin • hyperventilating • larynx • lungs • negative pressure breathing • partial pressure • pharynx • respiration • respiratory surface • trachea • tracheal system • ventilation • vital capacity • vocal cords...
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