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AP Study Guide Ch 23

AP Study Guide Ch 23 - Chapter 23 Study Guide Circulation...

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Chapter 23 Study Guide Circulation Explain how gravity affects the circulation of terrestrial vertebrates. Describe the general need for and functions of a circulatory system. Mechanisms of Internal Transport Compare the structures and functions of gastrovascular cavities, open circulatory systems, and closed circulatory systems. Compare the cardiovascular systems of a fish, an amphibian, a reptile, a bird, and a mammal. The Mammalian Cardiovascular System Describe the pathway of blood through the mammalian cardiovascular system. Note the names of all blood vessels and heart chambers identified in figure 23.4. Relate the structure of blood vessels to their functions. Distinguish between diastole and systole. Explain what keeps blood moving in correct direction within the heart and what causes heart “beats.” Explain how heartbeats are controlled. Define a heart attack and cardiovascular disease.
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