Signs, Signals, and Semiotics

Signs, Signals, and Semiotics - a signifier and signified A...

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Signs, Signals, and Semiotics 13/02/2007 14:19:00 We send and receive messages on  Three Levels 1.   Representationally or by Resemblance-  from environment and our experiences;  pictures of things representing things; this is an  iconic  sign 2. Abstractly or causally –  the kinesthetic and tactile quality of visual events; fire: this  is an  indexical  sign pointing to an object fire-> house, bbq 3. Symbolically and learned  – the world of coded symbol systems created  arbitrarily  and to which we have attached meaning(s) that must be learned: the alphabet, dog,  Yankee dogs, stop signs etc Saussure theorized that signs have two parts: 
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Unformatted text preview: a signifier and signified A signifier is an object that refers to or suggests a concept or a signified The Relationship between the two, he theorized was arbitrary or conventional. ← ← Metaphor and metonymy Analogy and association are important means of communication meaning Analogy suggests equivalcne it suggests that something is LIKE something else. this is a metaphor. A firgure of speech. .simile Metonymy is achieved through association. Its subcategory is Synechdoche 13/02/2007 14:19:00 ← 13/02/2007 14:19:00 ←...
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Signs, Signals, and Semiotics - a signifier and signified A...

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