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BUSI 1005 week 10 in class assignment

BUSI 1005 week 10 in class assignment - with the head...

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Running head: Supply Chain Management at Loblaws 1 Business Essentials: Business Case 10-Supply Chain Management Yi Yao, Yu Bai, Jiyao Zou, Allan Gibbons Fanshawe College
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Supply Chain Management- Business Case 10 2 1. What is a supply chain? Why is efficiency in its supply chain so crucial to Loblaw? Supply Chain means the flow of information, materials, and services that starts with raw materials suppliers and continues through other stages in the operations process until the product reaches the end customer. Efficiency in Loblaws supply chain is crucial because the company is a national leading enterprise. Consider it like a giant chain, and if one link breaks-poor efficiency-the chain cannot complete its function. 2. What is supply chain management? How is it relevant for Lablaw? Supply Chain Management is the principle of looking at the chain as a whole to improve the overall flow through the system. Supply Chain Management is relevant
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Unformatted text preview: with the head office now in Brampton over seeing the entire infrastructure of the company. Recently with the current structuring of Lablaws, they have been able to raise performance and provide better service-which as a result in 2001 had increased their profits by nearly 20 percentage. 3. What is the relationship between supply chain management, productivity and quality? Productivity is a measure of economic performance; it compares how much is produced with the resources used to produce it. Quality is a product's fitness for use in terms of offering the features that consumers want. Profitable competition in today's business world demands high levels of both productivity and quality. Meanwhile, supply chain management can improve performance and, as a result, provide higher quality at lower prices....
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BUSI 1005 week 10 in class assignment - with the head...

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