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Winter 2012 - DSC 335 - Study Guide - not included. MIDTERM...

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1 DSC 335 – Operations Management – Study Guide Topic Book Slides Notes Competing with Operations Pages 1 – 18 Lecture Notes ‐ Introduction to OM No need to memorize definitions. Focus on the concepts and how they are applied. Process Strategy Pages 33 – 43 Constraint Management Pages 65 – 78 Lecture Notes ‐ Process Fundamentals and Capacity Management Lecture Notes ‐ Kristen's Cookie Co. and Labor Costs NCC Case Key Issues: Identifying bottlenecks (all examples), supply and demand dynamics (all examples), excess demand (NCC, multi‐ product example) and accumulating inventory (NCC), one resource used for multiple tasks (Cleveland Clinic, Kristen’s Cookie Co.) Capacity decisions in LT – Round 1. Waiting Lines Pages 97 – 109 Lecture Notes ‐ Waiting Lines NYPD Case For single server queues, all formulas are needed; for multiple servers no need to know the L,W, etc. formulas except for utilization and total cost; finite source are models
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Unformatted text preview: not included. MIDTERM Inventory Management Pages 118 – 136 and 157 – 159 Lecture Notes ‐ Inventory Management Blanchard Case Acme Widget Co. Case Continuous review policy (EQO/ROP), Periodic review policy (P/T), Safety stock considerations, Quantity discount models, Decentralized vs. consolidated inventories, inventory related decisions and contract choice in LT – Round 2. Supply Chain Management None Lecture Notes – SCM Beer Game Beer Game Debriefing Supply chain coordination and its benefits as in the buyer‐ supplier example, Supply chain dynamics, causes for and suggestions to prevent the Bullwhip Effect. Quality Management Pages 168 – 188 and 190 – 193 Lecture Notes – Quality Management Consistent Quality – SPC (Statistical Process Control) by using control charts; Top Quality – Process capability by using Cpk and Cp. FINAL...
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