bio final zhao - #1 +/#2 450-520= A; 400-449=B #3 is...

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#1 +/- #2 450-520= A; 400-449=B #3 is highest 2, final 150 +2%, 315-357=A, 280-314=B #4 only consider improvement #5 final #1 in the class =A, #2=B, #3=C, #4=D Total 150 points 61 Questions each, 2 points a piece =122 Pts. 28 short answer part -2 labeling questions -11 possible labeling 4 chamber stomach cow human digestive system heart human respiratory system nephron of kidney neuron and label human endocrine system two life cycle labeling questions, moss and fern label a plant label flower 13] Meiosis and mitosis -compare -chromosome change -independent assortment, random fertilization 14] Mendelian Genetics -dom and recessive, homozygous - punnett square - incomplete, codominance 15] Chromosome related genetics - sex determination, including human and other types - sex linkage - abnormal chromosome number, like KLinefelters, Specks, trisomy 23] Population genetics -hardy wineberg -genetic drift, gene flow -natural selection - disrupting, selective 22] Darwin Evolution - natural selection - many evidence 24] Speciation -biological species
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bio final zhao - #1 +/#2 450-520= A; 400-449=B #3 is...

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