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Excel Assignment 1 - Instructions - ExcelHomework#1 Due...

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Due October 18 (Individual assignment) before your classes begin at 10:59am Submission method: Upload to blackboard on Assignment page This is an assignment about a Stock Portfolio. If you have no Excel skills prepare that this will take at least 2-4 hours. With some background this will take about 1-2 hours. Please plan your time accordingly. There are Excel tutorials available online but Excel Help menu and Google will be your best friends. Can you get help from friends? Absolutely! – This does not mean you copy or make your friends do all the work. You can get help but you should do this independently. Stock Portfolio Often we collect real-time information from different sources, put these data together, and present the findings or compile a report for decision making. This could be about inventory, sales, stock portfolio value, etc. Excel provides capabilities to extract data from any data source from Websites or databases. This data can be fed into Excel calculations (or models) and results can be presented in Word or PPT in real-time. Any repeatable activity can be automated. For example, a manager is interested in knowing world-wide sales figures or track sales in each store on a real-time basis. Once you set up an Excel worksheet to automatically fetch data from any data source, an event is triggered at regular intervals to fetch data and update your Excel spreadsheet. Charts that are paste linked (not copied) to the source data in Excel or PPT slides are automatically updated. Here is an exercise for you to learn how to use various tools in decision making. NOTE: For this assignment we are not going to be pulling data automatically from data sources but manually via looking up and typing in stock prices from Yahoo Finance. Learning objective: 1. Become familiar with stock market and data sources 2. Get insights into how various tools in Excel can be used to gather and manipulate data 3. Learn basic Excel skills to sum, multiply, copy formula, format data, etc… 4. How to use vlookup function (difficult but so useful) and charts (common thing we all should know) 5. Learn how to use Excel Help What to submit:
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Excel Assignment 1 - Instructions - ExcelHomework#1 Due...

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