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PURPOSE Qualitative analysis in inorganic chemistry is concerned with detecting and identifying elements that are present in a sample of material. In this experiment, you will develop a scheme for the qualitative analysis of three cations, using a schematic approach. The procedures in the qualitative analysis of this kind involve precipitation reactions to sequentially remove cations from a mixture of soluble salts. Along each step of the separation, the precipitated cation will be centrifuged and removed from the remaining soluble cations. The cations that we will study are Ag+, Pb2+, and Hg 2+. The cations will be tested with reagents that will furnish 2 anions or polyatomic that will precipitate the cations. The common test reagents will have a different effect on the behavior of one cation to another and will provide the basis for their separation. During the first part of this experiment you will be given a solution that contains all three cations. You will separate the three cations and on the basis of your observations, you will
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