Respiratory System

Respiratory System - 14:59 Respiratory System Air and...

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14:59 Respiratory System Air and Breathing Aer (aer- = air, e.g. aerocele) Aither (ether- = ether, e.g. ethereal) Pneuma (pneuma-, pneumat- = air, gas, respiration, e.g. pneumaturia) Combining Forms for the Respiratory System Capn/o—carbon dioxide—hypercapnia Carb/o—(L. carbo--carbon)—hypocarbia Hyperventilation= hypocarbia Ox/o—oxygen—hypoxemia, anoxic, hypoxia N.B. oxy- sharp, acute, acid, pungent oxyphile(likes acidic solutions) oxylalia(talks acute, talks fast) -pnea (suffix)—breathing eupnea (normal breathing) apnea (substation of breathing for a period of time) orthopnea (upright breathing okay but laying down breathing not okay) platypnea—breath well laying down but not sitting up platy- broad/flat
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spirometry (measuring breath) inspire (breathing in) respire (breathing together) expire N.B. L. spiritus, spiriti Nas/o nose nasogastric tube(put it end to provide nourishment) nasendoscope(what’s in the nose) Rhin/o rhinorrhea (runny nose) rhinolith (stone inside the nose) Sinus/o—sinus (L. fold, hollow) Sinusitis (inflammation of the sinus’s) L. sinus—Fold, curve, bending Paranasal (along side nose) sinus Ethmoid (seed/strain) sinus, maxillary sinus, frontal sinus, sphenoid sinus Or/o—mouth
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Respiratory System - 14:59 Respiratory System Air and...

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