371 Syllabus Sections 2 & 4

371 Syllabus Sections 2 & 4 - BusM 371R...

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BusM 371R: Entrepreneurship & Technology Lecture Series Syllabus—FALL 2009 Sections 2 Tuesday 2:00 – 2:50pm, 251 TNRB Section 4 Tuesday 4:00 - 4:50pm, 710 TNRB Contact Information: Lecture Series Website: http://byuebusiness.blogspot.com/ Name Title E-mail Bob Ziroll TA [email protected] Rachel Cone Course Coordinator Please contact your TA first John Richards Listed Instructor Do not contact John Richards with questions about the class – he will always refer you to your TA Objectives: By the end of the course, students should be able to— 1. Recognize the use of and opportunity to use the key principles and laws of eBusiness: a. Moore’s Law b. Metcalfe’s Law (The Network Effect) c. Disruptive Technology 2. Understand how entrepreneurs form and nurture Internet-based businesses. 3. Interact and network with executives and other high-ranking corporate representatives. 4. Understand and apply e-business terminology to business strategies. Required Texts: 1. The Art of the Start: The Time-tested Battle-hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything, Kawasaki, Guy; Publisher: Portfolio, New York, NY; ISBN-10:1591840562; 1st edition (September 9, 2004). Grading Policies: The basic grade breakdown is as follows: Attendance and Quizzes 70 points 2 Out-of-Class Assignments: 10 points KillerStartups.com Report: 8 points Art of the Start Paper: 12 points Total: 100 points
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Points/Grade 93 - 100+ A 90 - 92.9 A- 86 - 89.9 B+ 83 - 85.9 B 80 - 82.9 B- 76 - 79.9 C+ 73 - 75.9 C 70 - 72.9 C- 66 - 69.9 D+ 63 - 65.9 D 60 - 62.9 D- Below 60 E Attendance and Quizzes (70 points): The largest percentage of your grade in a lecture series class comes from attendance. It is expected that you will attend each lecture and be on time . There are 12 scheduled lectures and two required events this semester ( see highlighted text below), each worth 5 points total . The points for attendance and completing the evaluation survey will be reported as follows: Weekly Attendance Quizzes (4 points per week). Weekly Surveys (1 point per week). After each lecture you must complete an attendance quiz which will consist of 2 attendance questions and 2 questions from the lecture. This is an open-note quiz, and you may use any slides posted on blackboard. You must also complete an evaluation survey. These are found on Blackboard listed under the “Quizzes” and “Surveys” tabs. To receive credit for both you must complete and submit them by the beginning of the next class period. Please do not use Firefox to take quizzes; it has given us significant problems . After you take the quiz and survey, Blackboard will record your grades. Make sure that there is a checkmark next to the quiz/survey you just took. If it is not there, it means Blackboard did not record your quiz and you will need to take it again. You are responsible for making sure your quiz/survey is recorded on Blackboard. Blackboard also allows you to check your grades on individual assignments at any time by selecting “View Grades;” however, it does not show your
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371 Syllabus Sections 2 & 4 - BusM 371R...

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