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Quiz-1-Study-Guide - Quiz 1 Anti-Trust How would you...

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Quiz 1 Anti-Trust How would you describe Milo’s personality? Smart, yet easily influenced especially by Gary. He is very loyal to friends and is also daring for risking his job and life to find out what happened to Teddy. He is also conscientious and eager. How would you describe Gary’s leadership approach? He tries to get employees to see him as a friend, he is a good speaker and is very convincing. He is determined to be successful and will push down anyone who gets in his way. How would you describe Gary’s approach to handling conflict? If you could give him advice what would it be? Gary is not emotional stable. He gets really mad, screaming and blaming others, and never takes responsibility for his actions. I think talking things through together would be a better approach. How would you describe NURV’s culture? They know everything about every employee (Lisa molested by father, Milo’s allergies). Like they are followers, like a cult. Value privacy (ID cards). How would you describe the organizational structure of NURV? Flat organization structure-one leader and the rest followers. Chapter One Organizational Behavior—an applied science What is it? A systematic study of human behavior, attitudes and performance in the workplace. It’s an applied science What makes it different from other approaches? You can’t apply every solution to every problem (TQM) Where’s it come from? Psychology (study of individuals), sociology (study of groups), anthropology (study of societies/culture), political science (how people behave in political environments) OB approach Says traditional approach is not that simple Use contingency approach: OB accepts that managers and leaders need to fit different styles to a specific situation, individual etc. There are no absolutes. Assumes behavior isn’t completely random, there is consistency in how people behave. Can work to identify those consistencies and use to explain, understand and predict behavior OB vs. Traditional Approach Technical and rational, look at situation, see what doesn’t work and assumes there is one best approach to managing. Managers perform 4 functions 1. Planning- defining goals of organization and developing strategies to get there 2. Organizing- figuring out what needs to be done , responsibilities defined 3. Leading- motivating and directing employees
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4. Controlling- monitoring what’s going on, making sure on right track Assume 3 basic skills: 1. Technical-knowledge of area 2. Human skills-motivating, linking people together 3. Conceptual skills-analyze and solve problems or situations Challenges and Opportunities Globalization-Differences between people from different countries 1. A lot in foreign assignments 2. Working with people from different cultures (communication and motivation patterns differ) 3. Movement toward anti-capitalist 4. Outsourcing our jobs to other countries-now have political problems
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Quiz-1-Study-Guide - Quiz 1 Anti-Trust How would you...

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