Quiz-4 - Chapter 17 Organizational Culture Organizational...

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Organizational Culture: set of shared values and norms that help guide our understanding of what is important and not important and what is appropriate and what is not appropriate; like a culture, system of shared meanings among members and distinguishes organization from other organizations Cultural Characteristics (be able to define a company along these factors-exhibit 17-1) o Objective Factors: 1. Innovation and Risk Taking- degree to which a company supports risk taking and innovation 2. Attention to Detail- the company can either have an exact science where they must pay attention to detail or are details more flexible and not important (rules, standards etc.) 3. Outcome Orientation- degree to which the company focuses in on the outcomes rather than the processes to get there –some people do what they have to do to get the outcome because that’s what they care about but others actually care about what happens/takes place to get to the outcome 4. People Orientation- degree to which the company focuses in on the relationships within the organization and how outcomes effect people 5. Team Orientation- degree to which the company focuses on team activities rather than individuals 6. Aggressiveness- in terms of competition and how much it is emphasized within the company (not in terms of physical aggressiveness but in terms of competition) rather than easy going 7. Stability- degree to which the company maintains status quo in contrast to growth o The above 7 factors can be placed on a continuum of low to high on each of the factors and this gives you a perception of the organizational culture itself for that particular company. People within the organization will also form subcultures within their departments. Culture is a DESCRIPTIVE term-how employees perceive company not whether they like it or not o Strength –is the factor high or low in the particular company-this will give you insight as to how much your particular personality would fit in that organization o Performance and job satisfaction are impacted by the type of culture the organization has Questions to Consider: What does the culture do? o Culture rallies people around a central goal. Energizes the people in the company and gets them working toward a unified goal and gives you a sense of identity o Culture gets people committed toward a higher goal and takes the self-interest part out of it, commitment toward something better than self-interests for the greater good of the company. o Culture is basically holding everyone together and keeping them on the same page. It acts as a social glue to keep everyone together working under the same rules and conditions. Caveats-Why do we care?
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Quiz-4 - Chapter 17 Organizational Culture Organizational...

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