Single Sex School - Should children be educated in...

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Unformatted text preview: Should children be educated in co-educational schools instead of single- sex schools? 1. Introduction: Education is very important for every single mankind as education can lead us to success in life. Therefore, parents often worry about which kind of education settings are the best for their children. Single-sex schools are the schools that teach boys and girls separately whilst co-educational schools are schools that educate boys and girls together in the same classroom. During the late 2006, Kuen Cheng Girls High School (KCGHS) had decided to change from a single-sex school to a co-educational school in order to form a balanced study environment for all existing students as well as potential students and also to convenient those parents who wish to send both of their boy and girl children go into same school for the purpose of they can take care of each other (Por, 2008). This phenomenon obviously gives us a signal that co-educational schools are a better choice for children today. Hence, parents should not hesitate to send their children to co-educational schools because co-educational schools can contribute in fostering a balanced mental development in students, shape students personalities and enhances students learning performances in class. In this paper, I attempt to justify the potential advantages of co-educational schools for students. 2. Arguments in support of studying in co-educational schools: 2.1. Cultivate a balanced mental development in students First of all, co-educational schools are the best places for pupils since it play a crucial role in fostering a balanced mental development in students. Students who study in co-educational schools will view co-educational schools more natural and it has benefits for them in having a healthy relationship with the opposite sex (Smyth, 2010), therefore, it helped to prevent students from homosexuality. Natural and healthy relationship is made by one boy and one girl, men and womens combination is a biological effect since ancient period. A family will be considered incomplete if it is not 1 formed by a father and a mother (Dale, 1969). Furthermore, students have the opportunities to explore with the opposite gender and these will get students well prepared for real life. In the real society, it is consists of both genders, for students who enroll single-sex schools, they are lack of contact with opposite gender because single- sex schools only allow them to study, play and communicate with the friends from the same gender. Consequently, they will feel afraid to deal with opposite gender when entering the workforce. A number of studies done by McLean et al. (2006) proven that 79% of parents strongly agree that co-educational schools are optimal environment for their children which cultivate them prepare for future career life however, students at single-sex schools reported that there are only 32% chances for them to participate in activities with opposite gender....
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Single Sex School - Should children be educated in...

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