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India International - Jeffrey Fawcett Intro to International Business Mrs Li News and Summary India Indias pledge to help set up a string of higher

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Jeffrey Fawcett Intro to International Business Mrs. Li 2/15/11 News and Summary: India “India’s pledge to help set up a string of higher education and vocational training institutions in Africa — a main part of an initiative to bolster the country’s role there — is finally taking shape, with the first site expected to open its doors in less than a year.” The move to provide business, technical and scientific training, along with measures like a high-speed communication network for distance learning and telemedicine programs, is the result of the first India-Africa Forum Summit in April 2008, which was held by the Indian prime minister, Manmohan Singh. Students participating in the education initiative will not only gain knowledge, but they also will develop good will for India, Mr. Mago said. “Those students who will be taught by Indian professors, they will look for and identify opportunities for companies in India,” he said, adding that “once they are taught by Indian professors, naturally they depend on that country.”
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