speech - Fundamentals of Speech communication Specific...

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Unformatted text preview: Fundamentals of Speech communication Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about Foster Caring in New York City. Introduction I. I have a brother, 16 years of age that is in the foster care system Since, 5 years old he was placed into my mother’s house. Me as being 9 at the time really never understood the meaning of foster care ,so I will always make fun of him ,I will always say to him “ha ha your parents don’t want you” until I got older and realized that he had nobody we were his new family. It will bother him and he will cry, I will call him a girl and tell him to get over it “They don’t want you”. Until one day I put myself in his footsteps. I and my brother are the coolest and the best of friends. It’s like I have to kids because he told me I really look up to you. We dress up alike and I give him pointers on how to get girl and I try my best to be his support system because how will you feel if your parent’s didn’t want you? II. When it comes to Foster Caring it is a serious thing. A lot of people will never know how it is that they feel inside. Today I will like to describe how foster care helps younger and even older children up to the age of 21....
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speech - Fundamentals of Speech communication Specific...

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