human geo study guide #1

human geo study guide #1 - AP Human Geo Attributes of Place...

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AP Human Geo Attributes of Place Site Toponym Location Mathematical Built Landscape Features and patterns reflecting human occupation and use of natural resources Cartography Mapmaking Kant o Two fields of study o History = when o Geography = where Aristotle o Frist to demonstrate that the earth was spherical Eratosthenes o First person to use the word geography Ptolemy o Codified basic principles of map making, and started a bunch of maps GIS o Geocoding: process of finding geographic coordinates from geographic data, in terms of longitude and latitude GPS o Accurately determines position of someplace, ground truthing Remote Sensing o The acquisition of data about Earth’s surface from a satellite orbiting the planet or other long-distance methods Cultural Attributes Sauer o How human behaviors and practices affect/influence the land Cultural ecology o How humans and land work together Density o Arithmetic – land area divided by population
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o Physiological – arable land divided by population o Agricultural – arable land divided by farmers Diffusion Hearth o Place where idea starts Relocation o The spread of diversity where a person actually takes their culture and replants it where they settle
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human geo study guide #1 - AP Human Geo Attributes of Place...

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