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Ceremonial Speech - out of low-talent musicians to turning...

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Death of Autotune La da da da, hey hey hey, goodbye. Today we celebrate and remember a life that was tragically cut short. Born in 1998, he came on the scene to help Cher teach us how to “believe”. His career has been as diverse and fulfilled as any in the music industry, participating in a wide range of genres including pop, country, R&B, and most recently hip-hop. Arguably the greatest vocal coach of all time, he has turned once, mediocre singing pitches into angelic voices fit for the ears of a prince. Between creating superstars
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Unformatted text preview: out of low-talent musicians, to turning friendless computer wizzes into Youtube sensations, his accomplishments will forever be under-credited in the history books. In the late 2000s, he made us actually care that a T-Pain was in love with a stripper, and even more impressive, allowed Kanye West to make millions selling an R&B album without having to hold a single note. Though Auto-tune was slain in the streets of New York, just after it’s 21 birthday, we will always remember the one who helped us believe in life after love....
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