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Instructor : Josh Hoops Class days : M, W, F Time : 5:10-6:00 p.m. E-mail : [email protected] Office : Murrow 200D Office Hours : M, W: 9-10 a.m. & 11-12 a.m. Course Objectives Welcome to Public Speaking! In this course, we will explore concepts & theories relating to public speaking, communication, and message design. ComSt 102 will provide you opportunities to build upon textbook and classroom materials, and to practice the skills and theories explored in class. Through graded and ungraded classroom activities, you will develop your communication skills and gain new ones. In addition to giving speeches, you will also practice being an effective audience member. The primary goal for the course is to develop your abilities (and your confidence!), to improve your skills in conducting research, to organize your materials, and to present them in an effective way to your audience. Further, you will also learn strategies to increase the likelihood that you will inform, persuade, and/or entertain your audience with your speeches. During this course, you will: 1. Enhance your communicative skills and confidence by preparing, presenting, and analyzing verbal messages. 2. Recognize and utilize organizational patterns, supporting evidence, and concrete illustrations in verbal messages. 3. Identify effective speaking techniques and demonstrate a personal delivery style. 4. Become more effective and critical listeners. 5. Develop your critical thinking, reasoning, organization, and research skills. 6. Learn to analyze audience attitudes and evaluate audience needs. Required Textbook Hogan, J.M., Andrews, P.H., Andrews, J.R., & Williams, G. (2008). Public Speaking & Civic Engagement. Vango Books. Boston MA. (WSU Edition). 1. Success is your choice! If you choose to be successful, I’ll be happy to help you. If you choose otherwise, I’ll honor your choice. Every student has potential to succeed in this class. 2. Respect is one of the foundations of this class and I’m committed to creating a positive and respectful learning environment. I expect all of us to contribute to a safe, productive, and fun classroom environment where our strengths and differences will be valued and respected. 3. One of the most important aspects of learning is being able to listen. As you listen to your classmates, you should be attentive and supportive. Everyone has something valuable to contribute to the class. Hoops Page 1 of 9
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4. Class discussion will build from the readings so you must complete all due readings by the assigned date. We’ll not be able to discuss everything in your book during classes but you will be responsible for the content. 5.
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ComSt 102 Syllabus - ComSt 102 Public Speaking Civic...

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