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Michael Knutson Hoops ComSt 102 17 February 2011 How To Speech Critique This speech was a wonderful explanation and display of how to avoid being mugged while on vacation. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the speech structure that provided more visual demonstration than repetitive vindication. I am a fan of the organization of the speech because you used only a few main points—the threats of being on vacation, the importance of being aware, and the steps to avoid becoming a victim. While you backed up your main points with evidence from CNN and the New York Times, you didn’t overemphasize or overstate your arguments to the point of boredom. Also, your quote from the New York Times, about violent crimes rising in specific countries, was very relevant because they were popular tourism destinations. As far as I was concerned, you appeared very confident and made a lot of good eye contact throughout your speech.
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Unformatted text preview: Some things I think you need to work on next time around, include getting your timing downI believe its better to have your speech down faster than the allotted time frame, because you can always slow down and reemphasize pointsas well as spicing up your language. While it helps to talk in a simple manner, I believe tone is more important in giving the perception of conversation than word choice. I also would have liked to hear a more creative last line. It always leaves me with a better impression of the overall speech if the last thing I hear is thought provoking or somewhat unexpected. One of your quotes about tourism risingwhile you made the connectiondidnt completely support your thesis or main points. I believe that only facts that are direct evidence backing your main point are worth quoting....
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