How To Shoot a Basketball - How To Shoot a Basketball I)...

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How To Shoot a Basketball I) Intro A) Attention Grabbing Device A.1) Reggie Miller steals the inbounds pass and instead of taking the easy layup, retreats back to his sanctuary—the three-point line—to release a beautiful turn-around fade-away. Swish. A.2) It was his second made shot from beyond 24 feet, with a hand in his face in the last 3 seconds of play. A.3) How was he able to accomplish such a feat? Form and practice. B) Statement of Relevance B.1) You don’t have to be an NBA superstar to appreciate and enjoy the benefits of learning the game of basketball. B.2) Sports are an integral aspect of pop culture in our society, and over the years, basketball has become one of the most widely played and appreciated sports in the world. B.3) As March Madness approaches and the Cougs battle for a bid to the big dance, what better time to learn a little bit about one of America’s most competitive sports? C) Statement of Credibility C.1) I began playing basketball competitively at the tender age of 7. As is the case with most young players, shooting was my favorite aspect of the game. Over the years I have learned the basics of
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How To Shoot a Basketball - How To Shoot a Basketball I)...

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