Transitions HW - Michael Knutson Transition/Statistic...

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Michael Knutson Transition/Statistic Homework Transitions 1. Volleyball is fun. In addition to being fun, volleyball is good for your health . Volleyball is good exercise. Furthermore, this sport is a wonderful way to meet and interact with people . Volleyball is a social activity. 2. Driving provides freedom. While driving provides much freedom, there is also a certain risk involved . Driving can be dangerous. Nevertheless, driving is an indispensable method of transportation in our society . Driving is essential. 3. Setting up a blind date. While setting up a blind date can be rather simple, making it go smoothly can be another story . Making a first date go smoothly If your first date goes smoothly, you might consider organizing a second . Organizing a second date. 1. Jazz developed in New Orleans. While the location of the development of Jazz is important, the fundamental styles involved are equally as paramount . Improvisation is fundamental to jazz. Improvisation was key in the humble beginnings of jazz, as demonstrated by some of the earliest pioneers
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Transitions HW - Michael Knutson Transition/Statistic...

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