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Astronomy hw 6 - temperature even more Along with its weak...

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Matt Condon 10/11/10 Astro 138 I.d. # 11039519 1. By looking back to fundamental properties such as size and distance from the Sun, explain why Earth has oceans and very little atmospheric carbon dioxide, while similar-size Venus has a thick carbon dioxide atmosphere. One of the differences between the two planets is their magnetic field. Venus has a weak magnetic field, due to its slow rotation which is 243 days per rotation, its unable to deflect the solar wind and although it is believed to have had water on its surface at one point it evaporated from the heat because it is so close to the sun. Earth is further from the sun so its surface is not as hot and it has a magnetic field to prevent the surface from heating up too much. when it rains on venus, consisting of h2so4, it evaporates before it reaches the surface because the planet is so hot. Venus also had a lot of volcanic activity which released co2 and raised the surface
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Unformatted text preview: temperature even more. Along with its weak magnetic field and high co2 levels it had a large Hadley cell circulation meaning the hot air reaches the poles and keeps the planet at a temperature of 735 kelvin. 2. What is the evidence that water once flowed on Mars? On the surface of mars there are seasonal and permanent ice caps located on the north and south poles that have formed showing that there are small traces of water on the planet. Along with the polar caps there are forms that show water erosion on the planet such as runoff channels, outflow channels and gullies which are similar to the drainage systems found on earth. There are also large canyons that appeared to have been carved out by flowing water. The reason they believe this is because they are very similar to the grand canyon, except much larger....
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