ECN437Manipulating Fractional Exponents

ECN437Manipulating Fractional Exponents - example, suppose...

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ECN437 Manipulating Fractional Exponents To simplify expressions involving fractional exponents, it is helpful to  remember the following rule about exponents: (X  a ) b  = X  a*b For example: (X  2 ) 3  = X  2*3  = X  6 When a fractional exponent appears on a variable on one side of an  equation, you can often exploit this property to simplify the equation. For 
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Unformatted text preview: example, suppose you had the equation: L 0.3 = 10 You could raise each side to the power 1/0.3: (L 0.3 ) 1/0.3 = 10 1/0.3 Applying the above property of exponents to simplify the left hand side: (L 0.3 ) 1/0.3 = L 0.3*(1/0.3) = L Thus, the original equation can be rewritten: L = 10 1/0.3...
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