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Fyle chapter 15 - -Ndebele 6 What led to the appearance of “vacant fertile lands around Natal Tranvaal and Transorangina”-The mfecane disrupted

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Fyle, Ch. 15 1. Why did Seyyid Sa’id move his capital from Muscat to Zanzibar in 1840? -For the same strategic and economic reasons that had led his pursuit of control of the east African archipelago. 2. What “greatly expanded” by the middle of the 19 th century? -Slave shipments to Zanzibar and the Arab world greatly expanded the east African slave trade by the middle of the 19 th century. 3. Which societies “were more vulnerable to raids for slaves”? -Acephalous societies, except those in the more defensible locations 4. What kind of “political change” did the mfecane involve? -The creation of larger states out of small political units that had hitherto proliferated when land and resources like water were more advantageous. 5. By what name did the Khumalo come to be known?
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Unformatted text preview: -Ndebele 6. What led to the appearance of “vacant fertile lands around Natal, Tranvaal, and Transorangina”?-The mfecane disrupted the political systems causing his political dislocation. This encouraged marauding groups to spread terror in the region, attacking kingdoms and capturing cattle. This further led groups to flee their territory- leading to the appearance of vacant fertile lands. 7. What did the Ordinance of 1828 emphasize?-Legal equality of whites and black at the Cape. 8. In what year did the Boers defeat the Zulu army?-187 9. Whose interests had “superseded those of missionary and humanitarian concerns” by 1850? -British Capitalist 10. What, if anything, did you find confusing in the reading?- I did not find anything confusing....
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