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Fyle Chapter 3 - 5 Which two prominent kingdoms did Egypt...

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1. What is the basis for Nile Valley civilization? -The basis for the Nile Valley civilizations is that it flowered at period when most of the world was in a relatively primitive shape 2. Why did Ancient Egyptians develop strong organization? -It is believed that the need to maximize benefits from the flood waters of the Nile led the ancient Egyptians to develop strong organization for the building of canals dykes and embankments. 3. What is the source of the word “paper”? -The source of the word paper is from a plant called papyrus 4. What were Ancient Egyptians “the first to invent”? -They were first to invent the 365 day calendar and the use of the decimal system
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Which two prominent kingdoms did Egypt have close relations with?-Nubia and Kush 6. What goods did Egypt obtain from Nubia?-They obtained rare woods, ivory, incense and slaves 7. Why did the kingdom of Kush move its capital from Napata?-It moved due to fear of Egyptian attacks 8. What did Amenemhet II build?-Built a trading system in the town of karma 9. What is meant by the “Ethiopian dynasty of Egypt”?-It is the latter period of Kushite rule in Egypt. What, if anything, did you find confusing in the reading I found nothing confusing....
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