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Fyle, Ch. 4 pp. 29-31 1. Who led the Greek conquest of Egypt in 332 BC? -General Ptolemy 2. What is the term Africa derived from? -Derived from the word used by romans to refer to this province of their empire. 3. Who introduced the camel into north Africa -Romans 4. What did pre-Christian Berber religion involve? -Involved natural objects as spiritual mediums 5. What is the Hijra and what does it mean? -Means retreat or flight and come to mark the start of the Islamic calendar 6. What did the Arabs call the rest of North Africa west of Egypt? -Magrib 7.
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Unformatted text preview: Why was it difficult to subdue the Berbers?-Berbers had a mastery of the camel and this made them better able to recede into the desert and conduct surprise attacks also their tradition of resistance to foreign invaders 8. What was the greatest handicap of the Berbers?-Independent kingdoms could not act together 9. Why did the Berbers begin to “identify with the Arabs and their Religion”?-Because many Berbers fought in Arab armies What, if anything, did you find confusing in the reading I did not find anything confusing....
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