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Fyle chapter 4 part 2 - -Linked Ghana in control of all the...

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Fyle, Ch. 4 pp. 32-37 1. How were the Berbers able to spread across the desert? -The use of the camel 2. What “craving” is referred to very often in oral tradition? -Craving for salt. 3. What were the “major commodities elaborating the trans-Saharan trade”? -Gold and salt 4. What was the one major effective stimulus for political organization? -The desire to protect and maximize profits from the trans-Saharan trade 5. Why do we know more about Ghana and Takrur? -Because of the elaborate account of that kingdom 6. What did Awdaghust link?
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Unformatted text preview: -Linked Ghana in control of all the major trading centers for that region 7. How did the king control the value of gold? -By decreeing that all solid lumps of gold were state property and belonged to the monarch 8. Who was permanently at the monarch’s court?-The sons of vassal kings 9. When did more widespread conversion to Islam occur in Ghana?-After the almoravid invasion of Ghana 10. What, if anything, did you find confusing in the reading?-I did not find anything confusing....
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