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Fyle, Ch. 8 1. What did Askiya Muhammad conquer and control? - A new dynasty with the title Askiya - 2. Which place grew into an “important center of trade and learning” under Askiya Muhammad? -Timbucktu 3. What became a dominant institution of learning? - The Mosque of Sankore in Timbucktu 4. What are the origins of Kanem-Bornu, what does it involve? -The origins date back to the 6 th century and it involves contact with Saharan Berber nomadic cattle herders and sedentary Kanuri people’s south of lake chad 5. What did moving the Kanem capital to Djimi represent? -Representing growing influence of sedentary Kanuri over the semi nomadic
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Unformatted text preview: berber groups 6. Who repeatedly attacked Kanem during the late 14 th century?-Bulala- a pastoral people 7. What group created the states of what is now Northern Nigeria and Niger?-Hausa –speaking people identified today as Manguzana 8. To what do the Hausa traditions credit the emergence of the city-states?-Legendary Bayagida-said to have come from Baghdad 9. Which group was responsible for the spread of Islam into the forest region and what were their origins?-The mande-western Sudan dioula or Jula 10. What, if anything, did you find confusing in the reading?- I did not find anything confusing....
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