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Fyle, Ch. 10 1. What is the smallest segment of the lineage identified as? The household or compound 2. Give three examples of stateless societies. - most berber principalities in north Africa, many agriculture societies in west Africa also east and central African societies 3. What do state systems involve? -a collection of different communities or settlements over which existed a centralized government. 4. How was umuheto established? -when persons or groups sought protection of powerful lords by giving gifts. - 5. What helped “cement” the Ashanti leaders together into a powerful kingdom? -Among the Ashanti, the chief priest named Okomfo Anokye, caused a golden stool to descend from the sky to the feet of the Osei Tutu. This happened in the presence of the Ashanti regional heads. By this it was thought to have increased the importance of the stool as the soul of the Ashanti, to be defended at all costs.
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Unformatted text preview: This enough to help cement Ashanti leaders. 6. What is meant by divine kingship?-A ruler of a state system who becomes established as part of the literary history of that society. 7. What did the bashorun “presenting the alafin with a basket of parrot’s eggs” symbolize?-that the people and even the earth and the gods reject the alafin’s rule. 8. How did the Luba and Lunda kings “build up a core of loyal functionaries”?-They allocated available prime land to trusted followers based on the offices they held. If they proved to be disloyal they lost the office and the and that went with it 9. How did women acquire “political leverage and influence in a number of kingdoms”?-By having positions of the queen mother and queen sister -10. What, if anything, did you find confusing in the reading?- I did not find anything confusing....
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