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Chapter 2 Questions

Chapter 2 Questions - 7 Domestication of plants is when a...

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Chapter 2 Questions- Macy McGuinness 1. One of the greatest changes to take place in human life was the discovery of Iron. 2. Tools could support more efficient agriculture, including the clearing of forest areas. It also led to more powerful weapons for settled communities to defend themselves or cause aggression against others. 3. Many European scholars attributed these developments to external influences. 4. Rock paintings in the Saharan mountain caves indicate that trade by horse drawn chariots went from north Africa across the Sahara to west Africa. 5. Magnificent sculptures have been unearthed at Nok. 6. Frobenius attributed the findings at Nok to the Portuguese.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Domestication of plants is when a wild variety of one crop is found growing at the same time alongside a domesticated one. 8. It is believed that the growing dryness of the Sahara desert and the expansion of near eastern agriculture systems would have triggered plant domestication in different parts of Africa. 9. African agriculture received a boost with the introduction of south east Asian food plants like the banana and the variety of yam. 10. One thing that I found confusing was when they were talking about areas of domestication of edible plants....
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