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Shillington chapter 5

Shillington chapter 5 - official Roman church”-Aurellius...

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1. Why did the Greeks view their conquest of Egypt as “crucial” to their interests? -The Greeks viewed their conquest of Egypt as crucial to their interests because it was a pivotal point in a vast trading network. 2. Along what lines was society in Roman North Africa divided? -In the towns and costal cities lived the ruling class. Beyond the towns and large estates live peasant farmers. 3. What did the Romans regard Egypt as? -Egypt was regarded as little more than a source of grain for Rome. 4. Which was “perhaps the most important” center of Christianity in the 1 st century AD? -Alexandria, the commercial capital of Egypt. 5. Who “rose to prominence” as a result of the conflict between Donatists and the
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Unformatted text preview: official Roman church”?-Aurellius Augustinus a Christian convent from Nubia.-6. What do the “Monophysites” believe?-They believe the divinity of Christ and denied that he could also have been a normal human being. 7. Who began “crossing the Red Sea from Saba in south-western Asia” during the 6 th century BC?-Hunters and gatherers. 8. Which language(s) is modern Amharic descended from-Ge’ez 9. When did Ezana adopt Christianity? (320-50)ce 10. What, if anything, did you find confusing in the reading? I didn’t find anything confusing....
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