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Neuro 4 Practice Questions - PRACTICE QUESTIONS FOR SECTION...

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PRACTICE QUESTIONS FOR SECTION 7 STUDY THE MATERIAL BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BELOW. Instructions : Select the one best answer for each of the questions below. BE AWARE that knowledge of material from previous sections may be required to answer the practice questions. Answer key can be found at end of test. 1. In each hemisphere all of the following structures are part of or are closely associated with the basal ganglia EXCEPT A. the putamen B. the subthalamic nucleus C. the suprachiasmatic nucleus D. the globus palladus E. the caudate nucleus 2. Functions of the cerebellum include all of the following EXCEPT A. selects the components of the motor plan to achieve the general intention B. compares actual movements to intended movements C. corrects discrepancies between actual and intended movements D. affects the rate, range force and direction of movements E. motor learning 3. _________________________ is a major input to the basal ganglia. A. the supplementary motor cortex B. the brainstem C. the cerebellum D. the spinal cord E. ALL OF THE ANSWERS ABOVE ARE CORRECT
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4. ___________________________ is a disorder characterized by violent, flailing movements of the limbs. A. myasthenia gravis B. Huntington’s chorea C. Parkinson’s disease D. cerebral palsy E. ballism 5. The sensorimotor cortex includes all of the following areas EXCEPT A. the somatosensory cortex B. the primary motor cortex C. the temporal lobe association cortex D. the premotor cortex E. the supplementary motor cortex 6. Treatments for Parkinson disease include _____________________. A.
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Neuro 4 Practice Questions - PRACTICE QUESTIONS FOR SECTION...

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