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Self Portrait 2

Self Portrait 2 - intervene I guess I could improve by...

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Jason Lau From reading the performance review comments, I believe that I’ve really developed an introverted leadership style. Everyone seems to rely on me as a big source of positive energy and attitude. I seem to really brighten the atmosphere during meetings and trips to Upper Darby. I am always willing to help out my teammates whenever needed and come across as very reliable. My main contribution to the project in terms of deliverables was the help in creating the videos. I really do feel that in some ways that I lead from the background, always making sure that our team is on the right direction. If we are ever straying from our goals, I don’t hesitate to
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Unformatted text preview: intervene. I guess I could improve by making my presence in the group stronger in terms of ideas and the assignments we do. Sometimes, I feel that my contributions to the team go unnoticed and even taken granted for. I believe that this is because of the fact that I tend to make much more small contributions rather than big ones. With that said, I don’t always speak up in meetings. I guess it’s because I want to avoid having the whole group talk in circles during meetings. I am glad that I was the one who was able to set the culture of our team. I feel honored to be the main linker of our team and have had a wonderful time getting to know each member....
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