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Self Portrait - I would say that my main weakness in the...

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Jason Lau MGMT 100 Self-Portrait My biggest strengths and contributions in the group lie in my positive attitude and ability to connect with other members of the group. Everyone enjoys the energy I bring to the group, and it also helps develop the dynamics of our group. I am also very devoted to my team members and the project, as seen when I had walked across campus to deliver the tokens to them and ended up visiting After School Blast twice in one week. I also have a strong passion for this project, as my own primary goal is to develop a strong relationship with the program, students, and staff that could even potentially last longer than this semester. Because of this, I connect well with the children and adults that are all part of the program.
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Unformatted text preview: I would say that my main weakness in the group is my hesitation to put forward my own ideas. I had initially believed that since everyone in the group had leadership experience, everyone would also be very strong-willed and forward with their own ideas; adding my own personality into the mix would result in chaos. What I didn’t realize is that everyone in my team is a great listener and very open to ideas. Now that I have great feedback from my teammates, I can now more openly express my own ideas without the fear of hindering the progress of our project. I hope I can improve in this area by the end of the semester and find even more success....
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