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Status Report - Jason Lau Good afternoon My name is Jason...

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Jason Lau Good afternoon! My name is Jason Lau, and this is my partner Anastasia Jones. We represent Recitation 251, Team Blast. Today we will be discussing the final stages of our project through the lens of negotiating styles. Our team is working with the Upper Darby Afterschool Blast program and helping them develop two videos, fliers, and a technology curriculum that will be used as marketing and teaching materials. We have observed that our initial process of making the video, fliers, and technology curriculum was inefficient due to different problem-solving methods and unbalanced negotiating styles . Through the implementation of more team meetings , we were able to transform our negotiating style from competitive to cooperative . As a result, we increased productivity during subcommittee meetings , gave instant feedback about our progress thus far , and finished the marketing campaign. I’ll first speak about the events that led to this transformation in negotiating styles. Then, I’ll explain how and why we made the shift from a competitive to a cooperative working environment. Afterwards, my partner Anastasia will discuss the changes to our team that occurred as a result of this. Our team has faced difficulties with efficiency due to a mix of different problem-solving methods. The video-making process is a clear example of how our different problem-solving methods have hindered our productivity. The first video we tackled was the parents’ video, the video aimed at parents interested in the program. None of us on the video committee was an
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Status Report - Jason Lau Good afternoon My name is Jason...

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