Team Performance Round 2

Team Performance Round 2 - Kelly: Kelly remains as one of...

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Kelly: Kelly remains as one of the strong members of our team. She definitely devotes much of her time to the project and demonstrates this in several ways. An example of this is when she ordered and printed all 1200 copies of the fliers at her home and shipped them back here. Even during Thanksgiving break, she took time to work on the project. She also is a great online communicator in the sense that she is always emailing the whole team to keep us up to date. She has done an excellent job as our client contact and had reasserted her position when the role of the client contact had become less defined as our project progressed. Her attention to detail is very acute and is demonstrated by her work on our team’s PowerPoints. It definitely paid off and resulted in an amazing performance in the client presentation. Kelly is also excellent at providing excellent constructive feedback to others. Her feedback has also helped me improve my own individual performance in the team. It has been an honor to work with Kelly, and I had a wonderful time being in a team with her and getting to know her. I have no doubt that Kelly in the future will excel in her work. I would just suggest that you should continue to encourage and motivate others in future group projects, as I believe that you will be one of the main factors in transforming your group from a working group to a team. Nicole: Nicole has continued to perform strongly since the last performance review. She has a strong sense of detail and is very meticulous. Although I was not in the technology committee, I can see how much work she had put into the edits and drafts of the technology curriculum. For example, she completed an initial draft of the team presentation PowerPoint prior to our meeting so that we could be more efficient and not waste time on starting the PowerPoint. For the client presentation, she even booked a GSR one week in advance knowing that we would need one, thus ensuring that we would have a place to work. From examples like these, I have seen that Nicole has excellent foresight and is always ahead of schedule in terms of our Management. It has definitely paid off, and I would also like to commend her for her great delivery during the client presentation. Nicole is very reliable when it comes to assignments that involve the group as a whole. She is also very caring and shows that by helping and motivating me to be a stronger team member. Nicole has definitely had a strong start to her Wharton career, and I have no doubt that she will continue to excel. I hope that she has gained a lot from this experience and will continue to use these skills in future group projects. It has been a great pleasure working with her. Lulu: Lulu has always been a cheerful and cooperative person to work with.
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Team Performance Round 2 - Kelly: Kelly remains as one of...

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