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1. According to quotes from people familiar with the matter from last Saturday’s report, the Bank of Sweden has already begun too directly buy government debt from the markets, as one of the measures to suppress Sweden’s franc surge. They also said that the Bank of Sweden is only buying German and French national debt, because they believe German and French national debt is the Eurozone’s highest safety and liquidity. This bank in the near future shows that only through a currency swap operation can intervene in the foreign exchange market. 2. According to a survey by the Dow Jones News Agency, in August an OPEC member state’s crude oil production rose to its highest level since the 2008 financial crisis. This showed an oil company manager and an industry analyst survey, an OPEC member state’s crude oil production in August was 30,518,000 barrels, compared to July’s
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Unformatted text preview: 151,000 barrels. According to OPEC’s history, this is highest since November of 2008. 3. August 31 st to September 1 st , Philippines President Aquino met with Chairman Hu Jintao and clearly showed that “the Philippines are devoted to protecting peace and stability, the South China Sea problem does not represent the relation between China and Philippines, it does not affect bilateral relations and the two countries’ cooperation. We hope the South China Sea problem can be resolved early, and bring benefit to the two countries’ populations.” Outside of this, both countries agree to strengthen the United Nations, Asia-Pacific Organization, ASEM, WTO, UN Climate Change Conference and the coordination and cooperation of the two sides....
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