test2bbb3 - (continued from last time) E. Look at the list...

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(continued from last time) E. Look at the list on pg. 73 to see how standards of competence can vary, from relatively weak to relatively strong. As the requirements get stronger they also get harder to detect in patients. F. As a rule, Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) are required in order to assess patient competence. This avoids conflicts of interest. A doctor might believe a patient is incompetent to make a decision just because the patient wishes to do something the doctor would never wish to do, for example. V. The sliding scale strategy of competence A. The scale is defined on pg. 75; I’ll read and explain in class, but the basic idea is that the more serious the issue is, the more competence we should require. For relatively minor issues, we can loosen the competency requirements a bit, since the results of a bad decision aren’t as bad. E.gs in class. B. The basic problem with this idea is that there is no real proof that risky decisions require more competence than less risky decisions or vice versa. In other words, it may be true that the results of allowing someone to make decisions vary greatly, but that in itself doesn’t show that good decisions really are easier or harder to make depending on what is at stake. C. We can avoid this difficulty by instead “recognizing that the level of evidence for determining competence should vary according to risk, while competence itself varies only along a scale of difficulty in decision making. In other words, we can make it an
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test2bbb3 - (continued from last time) E. Look at the list...

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