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Jason Lau Abstract of Research Text 2/27/12 Susan Sontag’s On Photography discusses the interaction of photography and society on both macro and micro levels. Sontag compares the form and presentation of photography with other art forms, such as film and painting. The act of photography is described in the context of voyeurism and safaris, as a form of intervention. She also discusses the meaning of the subject of the photograph in the context of the viewer. Sontag says that all objects have equal inherent beauty and that photographs confer importance. For example Diane Arbus’s photographs do not derive value from beauty, but instead “ugly” subjects. Arbus was a photographer who saw photography as documentation rather than art. Photography is the only art form that is surreal and is not a prejudiced art form; all subjects have equal levels of beauty and meaning. American photography was comparatively partisan whereas European photography was more neutral. Photography has two purposes: beautification and truth-telling. Upon its invention, photography began with truth-telling as its purpose. Sontag describes the quest for a photograph with the term “heroism of vision”. Photography introduced new ways to beautify things, thus influencing art. Sontag proposes that photography is an instrument for knowing things. Photographic seeing is a method of dissociating the visual information from the rest and has simplified the requirements for something to be beautiful. Cameras can embellish both the beautiful and the ugly. Sontag then discusses how photography has always been trying to prove itself as an art. It can be split
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Abstract of Research Text - Jason Lau Abstract of Research...

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