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Cover Letter for Midterm Portfolio

Cover Letter for Midterm Portfolio - Jason Lau Cover Letter...

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Jason Lau Cover Letter 2/20/12 Dear Reader, The University of Pennsylvania Critical Writing Program has helped me to better understand writing as a process and the skills required for it. It has taught me to view writing on a more basic level by identifying my sentences as reasons, premises, pieces of evidence, and other various rhetorical devices. Breaking down prose writing into rhetorical terms has helped me improve the efficiency of my writing. At first, I found it difficult to approach a process of writing different from my own. I had been used to writing without anything more than a cursory outline. I came up with examples and pieces of evidence as I wrote without any structure. Not only did I discover that this style of writing was ineffective, but also I found that it hindered the development of many of my ideas. However, once we began to study the different types of reasoning and units of rhetoric, I began to see writing in a different way.
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