Explanatory Reasoning - Two Reasons

Explanatory Reasoning - Two Reasons - Jason Lau Explanatory...

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Jason Lau Explanatory Reasoning: Two Reasons 1/23/12 Viewing a photograph can instantly evoke emotion in any human being regardless of culture. Because photographs in their purest form represent a selected view of the real world chosen by a photographer, they are excellent at directly communicating visual information. They differ from other art forms such as painting in the sense that they are a direct representation of the real world. Photographs are exact replicas of light that is captured from real, tangible objects. With this in mind, photographs are inherently real to a certain extent; they portray something exactly as it once was in this world. Anyone who views a photograph will not necessary be culturally familiar with the subject, but will be able to realize that the content is something derived from the real world. They will also realize that the photograph also has a certain angular perspective chosen by the photographer. A villager in rural South America may have no knowledge of the existence of the Statue of Liberty, but he can see a picture of it and immediately recognize that it is something that exists. He will understand that the photograph is a tangible object that represents an image of the real world. Photographs do not need as much interpretation as something else like a painting of abstract objects. Because of this, one’s culture does not restrict a person from viewing a photograph. They are real and represent something tangible, and because of this fact, they are a relatively intuitive form of art. Different cultures, in
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Explanatory Reasoning - Two Reasons - Jason Lau Explanatory...

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