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Jason Lau The Declaration of Independence was one of the most important pieces of literature of early American history. Its author Thomas Jefferson revised this document 86 times before finishing its final draft. In perhaps one of the more significant sections, Jefferson discusses the inherent importance of a person’s natural rights. In the context of this section, the changes made from the first draft to the final draft illustrate how the alteration and choice of adjectives essentially serve to emphasize the meaning of natural rights. One key difference between the two sections is that each individual right is capitalized in the final draft, unlike in the first draft. The capitalization emphasizes the importance of what Jefferson describes as natural rights. He also adds that they are “inalienable” and cannot be taken away by anyone else. Each basic right is something that a person receives upon entering this world and never loses. Jefferson ultimately describes his own statement as “self-evident” rather than “sacred and
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