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Jason Lau Timed Essay 2/2/12 Explanatory reasoning answers the questions “what” and “how” whereas justificatory reasoning answers “why”. Explanatory reasoning sets out to explain a proposition, or a conclusion, by using observation and analysis. This type of writing usually begins with a proposition that may be unclear to a reader. For example, a proposition for an explanatory piece of writing could be… Explanatory writing is used mainly for situations that require objective writing, where something unclear needs to be clarified. The reasoning required for explanatory writing must be clear and must establish common ground between the readers and the audience. For example, a case study of a business would most likely require explanatory reasoning. The case study is aimed at bringing the audience a clear, detailed portrayal of what happened in a situation. Elements of explanatory reasoning, however, also transfer over to justificatory reasoning.
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Unformatted text preview: Justificatory reasoning has a lot of overlapping aspects with explanatory reasoning, but the main difference lies in the writer’s choice of proposition and type of reasoning. The author usually begins with a proposition that is debatable. An example of a debatable proposition could be one such as photography is not art. Most people would see this and not immediately agree with the statement. The goal of this kind of reasoning is to persuade the audience to side with the author on his proposition. In order to accomplish this goal, the author must find the most persuasive examples and pieces of evidence that will create the most convincing argument. In this sense, the types of evidence used in justificatory reasoning must be much more compelling than the ones used in explanatory reasoning. Justificatory reasoning, in contrast to explanatory reasoning, may be used in situations that require a person to convince others of something....
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