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Midterm Portfolio

Midterm Portfolio - 1 Jason Lau WRIT-039-305 On Photography...

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Jason Lau WRIT-039-305: On Photography Andrea Applebee 2/23/12 Letter of Reflection Midterm Portfolio Dear Reader, The University of Pennsylvania Critical Writing Program has helped me to better understand writing as a process and the skills required for it. It has taught me to view writing on a more basic level by identifying my sentences as reasons, premises, pieces of evidence, and other various rhetorical devices. Breaking down prose writing into rhetorical terms has helped me improve the efficiency of my writing. At first, I found it difficult to approach a process of writing different from my own. I had been used to writing without anything more than a cursory outline. I came up with examples and pieces of evidence as I wrote without any structure. Not only did I discover that this style of writing was ineffective, but also I found that it hindered the development of many of my ideas. However, once we began to study the different types of reasoning and units of rhetoric, I began to see writing in a different way. It simplified the way sentences related to each other and the paragraph as a whole. I was able to see how evidence supports the example that supports the reason that supports the proposition. After learning all the rhetorical devices, I was able to apply my knowledge to the organization of my writing. Doing rhetorical outlines for the works of both me and my peers has made it easier to identify different rhetorical devices. I initially saw rhetorical outlining as a repetitive exercise; I failed to understand the deeper implications of doing the outlines. As Valerie Ross says in the course materials, “stealing a writer’s ‘says’ is plagiarism, but lifting their rhetorical strategies is fair game.” I realized that being able to identify and analyze the rhetorical strategies of other writers would help me improve my own reasoning. Rhetorical outlines helped me by allowing me to compare my rhetorical strategies to those of my peers. I believe that I have made progress in terms of better developing and structuring my ideas. I am able to approach critical writing in a much more organized and efficient way. The contents of this portfolio represent my growth as a writer so far. Thank you, Jason Lau 1
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Jason Lau WRIT-039-305: On Photography Andrea Applebee Draft 2 of 2 (Final) Paint Me a Photo Photography upon its invention has struggled as an art form, as paintings have long since been forerunners of self-expression. The first legal judgment of photography as an art form did not arise until 1862 in France, when a photographer sued another person for using his photographs. However, photography was not yet considered to be art, so photographs were not protected under French copyright laws. Photography was eventually legally deemed a form of art, but that did not allow photographers to be respected as artists. Photographers through experimentation learned to master their medium and create pieces of art that rivaled paintings.
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Midterm Portfolio - 1 Jason Lau WRIT-039-305 On Photography...

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