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Jason Lau Nestorian Order Exercise 2/12/12 Proposition: Photography is a dying profession. (Reasons below in Nestorian Order) 1. The internet has made photographs easier to acquire. 2. The demand for photographs is a lot lower nowadays. 3. Photographing as a profession is easier to learn due to technological advancement. 4. Photography has become more of a hobby rather than profession. Partner’s Counterargument: 1. Professional photographers in high demand for modeling/commercial. 2. Difficult to make new equipment, more advanced is not always better.
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Unformatted text preview: Conclusion: When comparing the orderings, I found that Anna and Alex ordered mine in the same way, except my weakest and strongest reasons were flipped. I feel that they were flipped because the way I had thought out my strongest reason, I had already come up with several examples in my head that Anna and Alex may not have thought of yet. But it is interesting, however, that they still didn’t agree with me on what my strongest reason should be....
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