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Research Blog - Photographic Evangels

Research Blog - Photographic Evangels - Photography has...

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Photography has always been trying to prove itself as an art. Photographing can be split into two different purposes: one of intellect and one of intuition. Photography is a form of knowing without knowing. According to some photographers, photography is intuition based and cannot be pre-visualized. Photography is more self-expressive than paintings. There is a difference between artistic photography and documentary photography. Photography can be a way of self- expression and a way of subjecting oneself to reality. Realism is the essence of photography. Photography is not limited by its realism. Photography is an assault on reality or a submission to reality. Some photographers use less advanced technology to increase their creative output. Some people argue that photography is a handicapped art because it relies on a machine. Photography is similar to art in some respects, for example they both use a frame. Photography has just recently been accepted as art. Functional photography is counterintuitive.
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