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Jason Lau WRIT 039 Research Blog: In Plato’s Cave 1. Says: Sontag compares the form and presentation of photography with other art forms, such as film and painting. 2. Does: Sontag’s description on the physical and contextual aspect of photographs explains the role and significance of photography as an art form. 3. Says: Sontag describes the act of photography in the context of voyeurism and safaris. 4. Does: Sontag introduces an element of violation and perversion to the act of photography.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Says: Sontag discusses the meaning of the subject of the photograph in the context of the viewer. 6. Does: Sontag says that the subject of a photograph that although distant from the viewer can instill profound effects in the viewer. Key Words: slice of time, token of absence, predatory weapon, non-intervention, certifying/refusing experience, evidence...
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