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Jason Lau 3/18/12 Outline of Author Source 3 Chinese Shadows by Simon Leys Chinese culture has transformed to a point where anything that does not support the revolutionary spirit is completely disregarded. The Chinese Communist Party has essentially crushed the intellectual spirit of the Chinese through the pressure of its political ideology. The current Chinese situation is not conductive to intellectual life. Leys cites a Chinese magazine’s standards of acceptable content, which states that only content, including works of art, that supports the revolutionary spirit and the masses is acceptable; anything else is unwelcome. The Chinese government has dictated that art that does not support the masses is not art. Works of art should not focus on the old but rather the new. For example, traditional Peking Opera had been replaced by the Revolutionary Opera
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Unformatted text preview: models on contemporary themes. Leys mainly relies on explanatory reasoning as his main style of writing. The chapter begins with a quote from George Orwell. Most of his points begin with general premises about some aspect of Chinese culture. Then, he incorporates footnotes, citations from other sources, and quotations in order to explain his points. The chapter “Cultural Life” is divided into two parts; the first is general overview, and the second is an analysis of the actual situation. The first part introduces many premises that provide us with background knowledge for the second part. The second part contains many examples of how traditional cultural aspects have been replaced or discarded. Leys, Simon. "Cultural Life." Chinese Shadows . New York: Viking Press, 1977. 128-144. Print....
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