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Keyword Source 3 - Same Events, Two Stories

Keyword Source 3 - Same Events, Two Stories - Visual media...

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Jason Lau Abstract of Keyword Source 3 3/25/12 Photojournalism in China has been used to advance individual perspectives while disregarding others. Tibet has been a popular subject to cover by both Western and Chinese media since the 1980s. However, Western media acts sympathetic toward the Tibetan movement for independence, whereas Chinese media highlights the violence toward civilians caused by the Tibetans. News photos have both “denoted and connoted meanings”. Denoted meaning refers to the kind of content in the actual photograph. Connoted meaning refers to the values associated with the subject of the photograph that is not necessarily represented in the photograph itself. Through their analysis, they concluded that American and Chinese media focused on essentially different themes. American media emphasized a pro-Tibet stance, whereas Chinese media emphasized a pro-Chinese government stance. They also concluded that government policy plays a heavy role in the portrayal of visual media.
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Unformatted text preview: Visual media was often in accordance with the government policy of the country. This piece analyzes photographs from widely circulated newspapers in both China and America and draws from these photographs for discussion. The goal of the piece is to determine whether or not Chinese and American media portrayed the situation in Tibet in an objective manner. The authors analyze the framing of photojournalism, the media systems of both China and America, and also each country’s stance toward Tibet. They also include statistics that record the frequency of certain subjects that relate to Tibet, such as suppression or restoring order, in both Chinese and American media. Huang, Ying, and Shahira Fahmy. "Same events, two stories: Comparing the photographic coverage of the 2008 anti-China/Olympics demonstrations in Chinese and US newspapers." International Communication Gazette 73.8 (2011): 732-752. Sage Journals . Web. 26 Mar. 2012....
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